What you will learn

Our course is designed around developing practical skills that will not only provide you with a solid understanding of fundamentals and the ability to build amazing apps, but also the skills employers are desperately looking for.

A substantial part of the course is dedicated to ensuring our students understand how real life software is developed and can work in a team. To achieve that, we have plenty of guest speakers from great companies to tell you all about their experience. We will cover Agile Methodologies such as standups, retrospectives and planning. You will learn how to structure a real life project, ensure effective team communication and how to deliver value to your customers. All these skills will be applied during the two group projects you will take part in and the main one will be presented to our hiring partners on our demo day.

You can see the typical course schedule below. We may from time to time, update the material to focus more on skills that we and our talent partners believe would provide a fuller and more rounded skill set.

Week 1

  • Command line tools, Git, Github, Developer tools
  • Functions, operators and types
  • Array methods
  • How the web works. Responsive design and accessibility
  • Weekend project: personal website

Week 2

  • Scope
  • Object traversal
  • DOM manipulation and Events
  • Asynchronous programming. Promises and ajax calls
  • Weekend project: Project cinema

Week 3

  • Modules and Unit Testing using Jest
  • Prototypes, Constructors and OOP. Understanding context
  • Pure functions and Closures
  • Software development principles
  • Weekend project: Pick your own

Week 4

  • React intro
  • Testing React with Enzyme
  • Stateless components and ESLint
  • Sass
  • Weekend project: React cinema

Week 5

  • Node, Express and templating with Handlebars
  • Understanding HTTP. RESTful API design. Express routing
  • Deployment to Heroku
  • Testing Node applications
  • Weekend project: Quiz machine

Week 6

  • SQL and Databases with PostgreSQL
  • Database structure. Joins. Using indexes
  • Node and Postgres. Preventing SQL injection
  • Transactions
  • Weekend project: DeliverEAT

Week 7

  • Middleware and Passport
  • Authentication
  • Understanding browser performance and optimisation
  • Weekend project: Resource library back-end

Week 8

  • Working with Git branches, merging and pull requests
  • Small group project
  • Weekend project: Resource library front-end

Week 9

  • Core Redux
  • Using react-redux
  • Weekend project: Expense tracker

Week 10-11

  • Main group project

Week 12

  • Careers, portfolio, CV writing and interview prep
  • Demo day preparation
  • Demo day