Application process

1. Online application

Fill in the form at the bottom of this page to get started. We'd like to learn a bit more about you and why you want to be a software developer.

2. Prep work

To help us assess applications, we give all applicants a few chapters of an entry level JavaScript book to read and do the exercises. This should take up to two weeks of part-time study. Once ready, you can book an interview.

3. Interview

The interview consists of a brief chat and a pair programming exercise. Rather than try to "catch you out", we will work with you to see how you approach technical challenges.

4. Offer and acceptance

We will extend offers to all who pass the interview within a few days. To accept your place on our course we will require a deposit of £500. At this point your place on your course will be confirmed.

5. Pre-course

The course itself is very intensive. To ensure all students are at the right level we run a pre-course. This consists of reading and online exercises. Every Monday evening, we have drop-in support sessions at the office, when future students can come in and get help with pre-course.


Teaching will commence on Monday, 3rd December for 12 weeks at our Clerkenwell office.


We will hold a demo day on Thursday, 28th March where you will get the chance to show off your work to our hiring partners and potential employers. After graduation we will support you in finding your first developer job.

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